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Heidi Miller

Administrative Assistant

Direct: 832-647-8258


Heidi Miller's career journey has been defined by dedication, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to service. With over two decades of experience as a flight attendant, Heidi mastered the art of maintaining order in dynamic environments while providing exceptional customer service. Her time spent in the aviation industry instilled in her a deep sense of compassion and a heart of service, qualities that continue to shape her professional approach today.

Transitioning from aviation, Heidi ventured into entrepreneurship, further refining her organizational skills and business acumen. Through this experience, she learned the importance of adaptability, problem-solving, and prioritizing client satisfaction.

Now, as an integral part of Next Door Realty, Heidi leverages her detail-oriented nature and compassionate spirit to excel in her role as an administrative assistant. Whether she's coordinating schedules, managing administrative tasks, or providing support to clients and colleagues, Heidi's commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of her work.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Heidi is known for her unwavering positivity, willingness to go the extra mile, and genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others. 

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