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Jenny Johnson


Direct: 281-910-2009


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Jenny Johnson is a highly regarded realtor in the Houston area, specializing in various aspects of real estate. With her extensive knowledge of the Houston market and surrounding suburbs, she serves a diverse clientele consisting of sellers, buyers, renters, and investors. Jenny's lifelong residency in Houston has provided her with a deep understanding of the different neighborhoods and communities within the city.

As a dedicated professional, Jenny stays up to date with the latest trends and developments in the real estate industry. She is well-versed in market conditions, pricing strategies, and negotiation techniques. With her expertise, she assists clients in achieving their real estate goals, whether it's finding their first home, purchasing their dream property, or making profitable investment decisions.

Beyond her career, Jenny finds immense joy in being a mother to her son.  She also has a passion for the outdoors, particularly activities centered around water. Whether it's exploring nature trails, boating, or spending time at the beach, she appreciates the beauty and tranquility that the outdoor world has to offer.


Lastly, Jenny is actively involved in volunteer work, contributing her time and efforts to the causes she believes in. Giving back to the community is important to her, and she strives to make a positive impact wherever she can.

TREC # 722308

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